Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

VBS 2018

VBS is coming! Decoration Days, Set Up, and Take Down

June 23 8:00 am—1:00 or 2:00 pm (depending on the need)
June 24 11:30 am—VBS meeting
July 7, 14 8:00 am


PLEASE HELP DISTRIBUTE DOOR HANGERS: You can choose to distribute them during the week or on the weekend. Pick up maps and door hangers Sunday from Amy. She will be in the foyer before/ after class and after worship until they are gone. It is important to let the community know about our VBS so that families can make plans and get registered.

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Still needed are Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders. Please contact Amy Marquez at 619-851-2692.

WHAT YOU CAN BRING: Find the sign-up sheets in the foyer for supplies for VBS. Please take time to look at them and sign up if you can bring one or more articles to help with the activities.

ITEMS NEEDED for VBS: Plastic loaf of bread (not kid size), 3-4 kid-sized rolling pins (from Playdough set?), 3 kid-sized brooms, 2-3 decorative pillows, Roman soldier costume, 2 flashlights (narrow enough to fit inside paper towel tube), black bed sheet (that will be cut up), straw beach mat, plastic sword, plastic greenery. I

TEMS NEEDED for Outside Activities: 1-gallon jugs (milk, water containers), 5-gallon bucket, plastic laundry baskets or plastic bins, wading pool, plastic food/fruits/veggies, large tarp, large picnic basket.


“Learn-to-Swim” Outreach

   We are approaching that time of year when many children will be learning water safety and swimming skills. Over the past seven years, Canyon View members have generously supported this outreach effort by providing swimsuits for the children in Southeast San Diego.
Beginning in mid-April, the Jackie Robinson YMCA will be transporting the neighborhood children to pools in East San Diego while their new “Y” facilities are under construction.
This year, the Jackie Robinson “Y” is offering the opportunity for all 3rd-5th graders in their community to participate in swimming lessons.  New and gently used swimsuits will be collected beginning on March 4th and continuing through the first week in April. A plastic bin will be in the foyer to collect your donations.
While all size swimming suits are appreciated, the highest need will be for suits in the children/teen sizes of 8-14.  If you would rather donate money, we will gladly shop for you.
Thank you, in advance, for your continuing involvement and generosity. If you have questions for comments, please contact Carol Simonson or Patti Rolla.

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Sunday Morning – 12/24/17

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Winter Wonderland 2017

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Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Another Community Outreach Opportunity

 On Saturday, November 25th, a Blood Drive will be held at the nearby Garfield Shopping Center from 10 a.m. to 3:30p.m. The Bloodmobile will be parked near the Harvest International Market and Goodwill stores. There are two ways for folks to donate that day; donating blood and/or driving through to donate items at the Goodwill store.
We plan to have a Canyon View “hospitality” table near the Bloodmobile, offering maps showing how to find Canyon View and talking with interested folks. Canyon Villas plans to have a representative there, too.
In addition, if you are a blood donor, please consider signing up to donate that day. You can make an appointment on-line ( or by calling 800-469-7322.  Please pass along this information to anyone you know who is a regular blood donor.
On November 25, each blood donor will be given a voucher for a t-shirt in honor of the 1st annual “San Diego Cares” blood drive. This event will take place in December as a replacement for the Chargers Blood Drive that was held annually for over 35 years here in San Diego. If you have questions or comments, please contact Carol Simonson at or 619-272-0300.

The holiday season is a critical time of need for blood donations.


Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Sunday Morning – 10/29/17

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Trunk or Treat Photo gallery

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Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Sunday Morning – 08/20/17

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 06/17/18

Blood Drive

Canyon View has an ongoing “savings” account with the San Diego Blood Bank. If any member is a blood donor, that person can designate their donation as a “credit” into the Canyon View account. To make sure this happens, the donor needs to mention the account CVCH, each time when donating blood.
These credits will be available for members undergoing a medical procedure that requires blood products: whole blood, plasma, or platelets. Since our account has been dormant, it may take a few months to build up credits for members in need of this service.